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Claims consultancy


Perfecting the process

In any large organisation there are always ways claims services and processes can be improved. We've already found common areas in collaboration with key members of the insurance and government sectors; and we can do the same for you, helping to identify and address problems such as:

  • - Staff inconsistency in dealing with claims
  • - Random reserving of costs and damages
  • - Lack of detail in management reports
  • - Ineffective management of legal vendors
  • - Lack of training following Ministry of Justice changes to the claims process and the Jackson Report
  • - Poor performance, inefficiency and low productivity
  • - Staff turnover and recruitment



Intelligent dashboard

This is where you'll see the Acumension difference. Literally. Management is all about information...

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Our people

Any business is only as good as its people. Even one as technically advanced as Acumension. Truth is, it's not just our technology...

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