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A new way to control your legal spending.

Whether you're an insurance company, government body or legal department of a large corporate, you're looking for a significant bottom-line saving on your indemnity spend. And using a unique combination of consultancy, managed services and technology we'll deliver it, with strategies that include:

  • - Giving equal weight to damages and legal costs, so cases can be reconciled commercially
  • - Helping you increase efficiency, productivity and results through improved training and performance management of internal resources
  • - Focusing on shortening case lifecycles
  • - Reducing your opponents' costs using our negotiation managed service to provide market leading savings by class and value of claim
  • - Helping you better engage with your legal vendors



Intelligent dashboard

This is where you'll see the Acumension difference. Literally. Management is all about information...

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Our people

Any business is only as good as its people. Even one as technically advanced as Acumension. Truth is, it's not just our technology...

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