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Performance appraisal


Monitoring performance to improve standards

It's a fine balance between making sure your instructed lawyers are fairly paid for work reasonably undertaken, and making sure your own legal bills don't spiral out of control. Our auditing service uses a combination of diplomacy, experience and proven procedures to verify standards are maintained and any payments made are reasonably incurred.

  • - A complete, objective service to help you manage your legal spend
  • - Audits on both non-panel and panel firms
  • - To help you manage both legal spend and performance, we provide full reporting and benchmarking on service standards compliance
  • - We're able to review any necessary changes to the formal terms of appointment
  • - Ideal way to ensure best practice is maintained and panel solicitors deliver best value



Intelligent dashboard

This is where you'll see the Acumension difference. Literally. Management is all about information...

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Our people

Any business is only as good as its people. Even one as technically advanced as Acumension. Truth is, it's not just our technology...

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